• 木香板
    Oriented Strand Board(OSB)


    Select the imported radiata pine solid wood, and slice it into big chips with regular shape and thickness. Use with MDI adhesive (material for medical grade artificial heart valve) and pave in multi-layer orderly direction without adding any formaldehyde, OSB is healthy and environmental protective, super waterproof and moisture-proof. Because of its structure character the board has super bending resistance, screw holding force and durability.

  • 多层实木板


    Adopt high quality Eucalyptus and rotary cut it into solid wood single pieces with regular shape and thickness, crisscrossed paved the single pieces with the environmental glue. The paving requires the single pieces of two sides from the center layer should be the same thickness and the same variety of tree. This is to ensure the stability of the board structure so it is not easy to crack and bend. The board has super humid resistant function and good screw holding force.

  • 实木整芯板
    Thick Solid Wood Core Plywood


    Special structure which has few layers but thick core, it is another type of plywood. New Zealand pine is selected as the center core material. The log is rotary cut and pressed into solid wood single pieces with specified thickness. The excellent eucalyptus pieces of the two sides from the center layer are paved vertically one after the other. With environmental glue, it ensures the stability of structure as well as improving the environmental function of the board. The board is light and its processing function is beyond solid wood.

  • 原态板
    Formaldehyde Free Board


    Formaldehyde free board is produced based on the same workmanship of MDF and particle board, but with MDI adhesive (material for medical grade artificial heart valve and without any formaldehyde added). It has passed the American CARB certificate and met the Japanese F☆☆☆☆ certificate. It can be widely used in furniture fabricating, interior decoration, residential buildings and so on.

  • 刨花板


    Process the log into granular material in uniform size, with environmental glue. And then manufacture to artificial board after hot pressing. The granular material are lay crossed and scattered. The physical and mechanical property is averaged. The board has good heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation performance. After surface decoration, the board can be used in furniture fabricating and household decoration.

  • 中纤板
    Medium Density Fiberboard


    Smooth surface, well-distributed wood fiber, moderate physical and mechanical properties, good machine processing performance. The board is very suitable for sculpture, shape and milling. The surface after decoration is fashionable, novel and elegant. It is a kind of good material which is widely used in furniture fabricating and household decoration.

  • 岩金板
    Rock Gold Board


    Rock Gold Board is made of wear-resistant decorative layer and non combustible substrate through high-temperature and high-pressure production.It is an A-grade non combustible material.A green and environmentally friendly board that combines multiple advantages such as the highest ENF environmental protection standard in the national standard, antibacterial and mold resistant, easy to clean, and convenient construction.
     Application scope: medical space, residential space, commercial space, transportation complex, entertainment space, sports space, education space

  • 橡胶木
    Rubber wood


    It is a purely imported tropical wood species.
    Advantages: Medium strength, low shrinkage, less susceptible to moisture deformation, good nail grip, and good mechanical processing performance.
    Environmental protection level: ENF.

  • 实木香杉板
    Kapok Finger Joined Board

    红棉花实木(mu)醇(chun)香(xiang)板,精选优质(zhi)(zhi)大径香(xiang)杉木(mu),最大程(cheng)度保留原木(mu)形态,无掺杂杂质(zhi)(zhi),针对母(mu)婴等高(gao)敏人群研发,完美(mei)达到国(guo)标ENF级。 使(shi)用德(de)国(guo)进口温康纳设备,精选国(guo)内外(wai)优质(zhi)(zhi)高(gao)档饰(shi)面纸,全程(cheng)自(zi)动化精细压贴,  铺装(zhuang)-压贴-晾板-包装(zhuang)。匠心(xin)工序,超(chao)高(gao)品质(zhi)(zhi),打造风情万种的(de)家装(zhuang)风格。

    Kapok Finger Joined Board, selected high-quality large-diameter cedar wood, to maximize the preservation of the original wood form, no adulteration of impurities, for mothers and babies and other highly sensitive groups of people research and development, perfect to meet the national standard ENF grade.Using imported Wemhoner equipment from Germany, selecting high-quality and high-end decorative paper from both domestic and international sources, and fully automated and fine pressing,Paving, pressing, drying, packaging. Craftsmanship process, high quality, to create a charming home decoration style.

  • 海洋板
    Birch Plywood Board

    符(fu)合BS1088海洋胶合板国际标准生(sheng)产(chan),一般用于游(you)艇、车箱、船舶、室(shi)外木建筑 精(jing)选俄罗斯优质(zhi)桦木原木,无(wu)需(xu)饰面(mian),表面(mian)光滑(hua)不刮手(shou),全(quan)自(zi)动(dong)生(sheng)产(chan)线制(zhi)作, 全(quan)程绿色生(sheng)产(chan),0醛添加,可达(da)国标ENF级 无(wu)需(xu)特意封边,可搭配(pei)任何风(feng)格,侧面(mian)宛如威(wei)化饼(bing)干,多(duo)款彩虹芯可选。

    Produced in accordance with the international standard of BS1088 marine plywood, generally used for yachts, car trunks, ships, outdoor wood construction
    Selected Russian high quality birch logs, no need to finish, smooth surface without scratching, fully automatic production line production.
    Full green production, non-formaldehyde, up to the national standard ENF grade
    No edge banding required, can be paired with any style, the side is like a wafer biscuit, and multiple rainbow cores are available.

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